We Want Your Surety Bond Business!

Are you having trouble placing a surety bond? Are you afraid of losing an important insurance account to a broker with surety expertise? Let MG Surety Bonds help you. We can work with insurance brokers in all 50 states to help them place their surety bond business. We have the markets, expertise and dedicated surety support team to handle any account.

You and Your our Customers Matter to Us

Working with a surety broker can be a miserable experience for you and your customer. Often, bond brokers ask for unnecessary information, have poor service, poor terms and are just unfriendly to both agents and bond principles. MG Surety Bonds is different. We treat insurance agents and their customers with fairness and respect, just like all of our customers. We can work with you insurance agent, or directly with your client if you prefer. We will not ask for unnecessary underwriting information and we provide fair terms and conditions for the account. Hold on to your best accounts while you become one of our best accounts.

We Pay Fair Commissions

Have you ever sent a great opportunity to a surety bond broker, only to find out that they keep all of the commission? MG Surety Bonds pays agents and brokers a fair commission. We want you to come to us time and time again with both your best customers and your biggest challenges. You may wonder why you did not use us sooner!

We Are Real Surety Experts!

The internet is full of surety bond brokers popping up. Many of the are great marketers but lack a background in Finance, Accounting and Surety. Our parent company has been doing surety bond business for over 60 years. Our dedicated bond team focuses only on surety bonds and we have solutions for all company types. Our people have backgrounds in finance and surety. Whether your clients needs a $50 million performance bond or their first surety bond, you know that our people have the experience to get the solution you need. In fact, we get many of our new opportunities when these other “surety brokers” cannot help. Let us earn your surety bond business.

We Write Almost All Surety Bonds

At MG Surety Bonds, we are surety bond experts. We excel at construction surety bonds but we can help you with almost all of your surety bond needs. We have the surety bond markets and experts to write any surety bonds with the exception of bail bonds. We politely decline those opportunities. However, if your customer needs bid bonds, performance bonds, license bonds, or any miscellaneous type of surety bond, we can likely help. We can even place difficult bonds such as workers’ compensation, tax bonds and court bonds.

Getting Set Up is Easy

Agents and brokers can contact us to get an information packet along with the application and forms we need to do business together. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have and look forward to building our surety bond business together.