The “3 C’s” of Contract Bond Underwriting

Hello and welcome back to Work In Progress. My name is Ben Williams with MG Surety Bonds and this is our show dedicated to surety bonding and all things construction. Today we’re going to be giving you some insight into contract bond underwriting so you can make yourself more bond-able. Specifically, we’re going to talk […]

Surety Bonds and Bad Contract Terms

David Porter is quoted saying, “Litigation is the basic legal right which guarantees every corporation its decade in court.” I find this very true in construction. Even in what appear to be “clear cut” circumstances, cases drag out for years and legal fees escalate. Although it will not eliminate litigation, it is much better to […]

How Can a Contractor Increase Surety Bond Capacity?

Are you looking for a way to increase your surety bond capacity? Surety Bond Capacity is the credit that a surety bond company extends to a Principal, both on a single project basis and as an aggregate limit. Increasing surety bond capacity is important to every company doing bonded work because it allows them to […]