The Miller Act, Performance and Payment Bonds

At some point contractors on Public Works projects have probably asked why a Performance Bond and Payment Bond are required for their work. They may have even heard that it is because of The Miller Act. But what is The Miller Act and why does it affect surety? It may surprise many contractors to learn […]

Performance Bond Claims and Contractors

Performance Bond Claims are not fun for anybody. It is my hope that no contactor ever goes through this experience. Fortunately, performance bond claims are rare, but they do happen. Below are the important things to understand during a performance bond claims including a couple of tips on how to avoid them. What Is A […]

Performance Bond and Payment Bond Case Study

Although residential construction is rarely bonded, we are going to look at a case study of what it may look like to provide a performance bond and a payment bond for a high end home build. Our completely made-up couple, “The Bradys” are looking to build a very expensive custom house and will require the […]