Freight Broker Bonds

It is required by the Freight Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or the FMCSA for short, for both freight forwarders and brokers to purchase a surety bond of $75,000 before receiving their freight broker license. These bonds are often referred to as the ICC broker bond or the BMC 84 bond. More information is available at […]

Reclamation Bonds

The reclamation bond is a type of performance surety bond. It’s required by BLM – the Bureau of Land Management – and it is required by some state government agencies that provide permits for specific mining operations.

California Contractors License Bonds

As of the date of this blog, there are over 280,000 contractors in the state of California. The public can search for actively licensed contractors at their site. With so many operating contractors, California like many states requires contractors to be licensed and provide a surety bond to protect the general public. A California contractor […]

Bonding Design Build Projects

The most popular method for construction project delivery is still design-bid-build. This is where a design professional and owner create plans for a project before sending the project out to bid. A contractor is then selected to build the project. However, that is changing. According to a study by FMI last year, Design Build projects […]

Service Contractors and Their Unique Bond Needs

Service contractors have a tough time when it comes to bonding. They fall into a gray area for most sureties. Are they contract or are they commercial? How do they go about getting a bond? First, what is a service contractor? This is a wide term for many fields and could include any of the […]

Funds Control and Surety Bonding – The Good and Bad

Funds control is a term used in surety bonding and can also be called funds administration or just escrow. It usually involves a third party handling the contract proceeds to process payments for bonded contractor. The idea is very similar to a construction loan on the residential side. The process typically looks something like this:

Protecting Contractors and their Sureties from Bad Contract Terms

David Porter is quoted saying, “Litigation is the basic legal right which guarantees every corporation its decade in court.” I find this very true in construction. Even in what appear to be “clear cut” circumstances, cases drag out for years and legal fees escalate. Although it won’t eliminate litigation, its much better to do a […]

What are Oil & Gas Bonds and What Makes Them Unique?

Do you own a business in the oil and gas industry? If so, you may know about oil and gas surety bonds. Regardless of if you have past experience acquiring this bond, or if this is your first time, the information here may prove beneficial along the way.

Surety Bonding, Continuity and Succession Planning

Transitioning any business can be a challenge but maybe even more so in construction. You must decide whether to sell to a family member, key employee(s), or even a third party. What is the firm worth? Is the value in intangible customer relationships, industry knowledge or hard assets such as equipment? How will the new […]